The Best Australia Day Lamb Ad Yet With Richie Benaud

Is Sam Kekovich no longer the LAMBASSOADOR?



After many years of us Aussies loving the Lamb ads pre Australia Day We have ourselves a new Lambassador – The great Richie Benaud.


I’ve put together a few years worth of Sam Kekovich doing what he does best – entertaining us pre Australia Day. Enjoy.




Hope this brought back some awesome memories and brought a smile to your face.


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  • DrSteve

    Those are great. Thanks for sharing, Alex!

  • Evan Scoresby

    Great videos! Every single one brought to a smile on my face and had never seen them before. Thanks for sharing!

  • FJ Ortega

    Hey Alex….thanks…truly funny…really enjoyed them. Stay well and blessed

  • Sabrey Jamal

    great infomation Alex, i never knew much about Australian day. now i do. always good to learn, about other cultures, thanks for sharing

  • Carol Makowski

    What a corker. Many chuckles from this blog. I have a few friends in OZ thanks to the internet. Will make note of Australian Day now, thanks to you and Sam Kekovich!

    • Alex Bender

      Glad you liked it Carol – you would have to be Australian to truly understand 95% of what goes on in any of these video’s.

  • Steve Kern

    You Aussies sure are passionate about your lamb!

    • Alex Bender

      We sure are

  • Ron Sheldon

    You bewdy Alex. Well done. Ripper of a blog. I had a real chuckle. Wonder what some of your international viewers made of it. Happy Australia Day!

    • Alex Bender

      Yeah its a blog that anyone outside Australia just wouldn’t get – but thats OK. Aussie Aussie Aussie……..