The Coolest Mobile All-in-One Printer – The HP Officejet 150

So I went in search of something I really didn’t know existed.

I move around quite a bit & wanted a printer/scanner unit, but I didn’t want one of those big chunky things that take up heaps of space & end up getting broken anyway.

So I started thinking of what I really wanted in my printer. So I thought of a few things that would really be awesome:

  • First up it would have to be small
  • It would have to be robust – I’m pretty tough on my equipment
  • I would like it to print in color
  • I would like it to have a wireless capability – I hate cables everywhere, wireless is always a bonus
  • It would be neat if it ran on battery as well – Sometimes I find myself not having access to a convenient powerpoint

My first thought was “I think I’m dreaming, I’ve never heard of such a product.”

Then I started to think that there are so many sales reps & other workers out there on the road everyday that would need access to a printer in their car that someone surely would have come up with something.

So I was walking past Officeworks and I figured I’d go and see if they had what I was looking for. I couldn’t find anything.

Well I decided to ask a smoking hot sales assistant about my request (I could go on describing just how sexy she was, however that’s not really the point of this article)

She seemed to knew exactly what I was looking for, and took me straight to this small little silver and black box looking product.

Like I mean this thing is tiny.  I’m used to these big cumbersome all-in-one units.

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Reading the description it had ALL the features I was looking for. Even more – It even had a touch screen.

There was just one think I didn’t like – the price…… this puppy was almost $400!

So I collected my thoughts on it, did some research online and found that it does do all that it says and most people were happy with it (nobody was happy with the price though…….)

I found it on sale at a local store for just over $300 So I went and bought it.

Now my review is – I love the frigging thing!

For me its perfect – I don’t print or scan a lot but when I do I’m always happy with it.

When I need to use it I just pull it out of the cupboard put it on the desk turn it on & its ready to go. Its automatically connected to my laptop via bluetooth.

I didn’t use it for a month then needed to quickly print something, and was amazed it still had battery life & did the job that I needed it to do.

Now I must say for anyone who will be printing  a lot or scanning a lot then I guess this is not for you, It’s not fast by any means.

Here’s a great review on it from the review at Delighted Robot 


Also PC Mag did a review on it, check it out here

So if you’re in the market for a mobile all-in-one printer/scanner/copier – the HP Officejet 150 is something you may want to consider.

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