THE DRESS – Why Is Everyone Jumping On The Bandwagon

So unless you’ve been hiding under a garbage can (with no wi-fi) you would have been overexposed to #thedress

The article that started it all can be found here

Now I’m not going to debate the colors – I couldn’t care less!

However what interests me is the companies that are taking advantage of the trending hashtag #TheDress

These 2 pics showed up in my newsfeed on Facebook

holden dress


kia dress


Kudo’s to Holden & to Kia.

Now think about this for a second.

One blog post has “Shut down the Internet”

Now with this one blog post multi billion dollar companies are taking advantage of it.

Its making news headlines all over the world.

I heard scientists being interviewed on the radio about it today – ITS BLOODY EVERYWHERE!

All because 1 person posted a picture on a blog.

Thats the power of a blog.

I bet she wished she had something on her blog she could have made a commission on.  She would have a been a gazillionaire overnight!

Thats the problem with free blog platforms – you just can’t monetize it.

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