The FREE Network Marketers Social Network

Thats right, you heard – there is a social network for Network Marketers – and its FREE!!!!!!!!!!

You know that place you dream of where you are free to, sorry, no you’re actually encouraged to promote your business opportunity to a captive audience. A place where you are not put in Social Media Jail for linking to your opportunity.


This isn’t a MLM – its a site for Network Marketers and other Internet Marketers & Online Business Owners to get together and promote their site. Whats the best place to promote a business? – to people that are already in business!

You can connect up with other people, you can post wall entries, you can even get points which you can convert to advertising credits – so you can advertise for free on this site by just logging in.

Post an article on there and it will get traffic! The articles rank well in search engines.

They even have their own version of YouTube where you can post your business video’s – and they get views!

Looking for a traffic exchange – yep, they got one of them too!

You ask – whats the catch? Right, well there is no catch – sign up for free, promote your business, and interact with the community.

So the name of this dram site is…. IBOToolbox – Join it TODAY

I’ll just put this out there – Now you know about it, if you don’t use it and you’re a Network Marketer then you’re an idiot.

So check out IBO Toolbox HERE

Also IBO Exchange HERE

Also, I’m putting it out there as well, but truth be told, that clicking on this link, adding your details, watching the video, and joining this opportunity, the best opportunity on the planet (Maybe even in this solar system, though this hasn’t been verified) gives you this LEGENDARY status among all other Internet Marketers, true story – I vouch for it, so CLICK HERE.


I know you love a SPECIAL DEAL. So, what I have going on for a limited time. Click the link, add your details, then sign up and get ALL-IN, then you get 5, thats right, 5 special 1-on-1 coaching sessions by the one and only Alex Bender. Hurry though, his time is valuable and I am only allocating so many of these deals before I take this offer away. This is rare – almost as rare as Unicorn shit. So don’t hesitate and Click Here and Join Now

See, Unicorn shit is real. So is my special offer – DO IT NOW!

  • I didn’t know about this tool Alex. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I might just give it a look myself 🙂

  • Interesting, Alex. Thanks for sharing!

  • I knew about IBO… and another leader also mentioned it to me… I think that may be a sign… Thanks for this awesome post!

  • I’ve heard bout IBO, too, for a while now. Thanks for sharing

  • I am so laughing my head off Alex Bender you are an absolute Hoot! Unicorn Shit my backside. Okay okay lets get serious. IBO Toolbox is an awesome tool and resource and it has so many arms its like an octopus. You simply have to get in as Alex says. Post your updates daily, show some love by commenting on other people’s posts, promote your Links, YES You are encouraged to promote your Links and say something powerful about them, and You get rewarded for doing so I love IBO. And You get Free credits every month. Whats not to like! Thanks Alex for reminding us that our social Media Life doesnt begin & end with FB and its changing algorithm. Did you know they are gonna squeeze the Small Business owners and HBOS and all of us Fan Page owners some more our reach is gonna get even smaller unless your “Boost” your posts come 15th Jan? Read more about it here! Please do read it and share with your teams, And get ready to use other social Media channels to promote your biz! Julie Syl Kalungi

  • Thanks for this information. I was actually looking for something like IBO Toolbox but didn’t know exactly how to search for it or how to explain it. This came just at the right time! Keep your tips coming because they are really helping me. Thanks!

  • Cool man, i’ll have to check out IBO Toolbox ~Steve Krivda

  • will have to check out IBO toolbox. thanks alex