The Ingredients of SUCCESS and what Dr Maxwell Maltz breaks it down to.

What are the actual ingredients to success?

That’s a question that I have said to myself many many times.

Success is different to everyone.  People view their achievements in completely different views.

Dr Maxwell Maltz in his book Psycho-Cybernetics breaks down the word SUCCESS into an acronym in chapter 8

  • Sense of direction
  • Understanding
  • Courage
  • Compassion
  • Esteem
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Acceptance

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Sense of Direction:

Its always a good idea to have something that you are working towards, a goal, a project, something that keeps you motivated.

I know I’m personally always the most excited when I have something that I am working on – a clear end in mind.

I remember when I had my mobile coffee business I was so excited to get it up and running, I set my goal to sell x amount of coffee a week & x amount of other goods a week & have a certain figure for my weekly turnover.  I was so determined to hit that goal, I would go out and give better service, I would find new places to sell at, I would always look at new and better ways for my business.

People would always comment of my energy, service, quality of product, punctuality – all things I strived to improve for me to hit my weekly target.

Within a 6 months of starting my business from scratch I hit my target!

Problem was, I never reset my goal.

I had not decided to really push for something more for another 6 months

Once I hit that goal my figures pretty much stagnated.  They were good figures, but because I did not reset my goal I didnt stretch myself to do any better.

However 6 months later I decided on pushing myself again, gave myself a new goal of bigger figures.

Again, I looked at new ways to improve my business.  I worked longer hours trying to find better locations, I serviced my customers with more passion. The fire was back in my eye.

Within a few months I had again hit my goal, I actually was the 2nd biggest customer of my coffee supplier.

Now looking back I probably should have reset my goal to be the #1 customer of my coffee supplier, but I didn’t.

I stagnated, I actually got bored & ended up selling my business.

Now If I would have kept on pushing my goals and setting new heights I know I would have not only been more happier in my business, I would not have been bored, my income would have constantly increased & I would have not wanted to sell the business.

[tweet_box design=”default”] Get yourself a #goal worth working for. And better yet get yourself a #project. Dr Maxwell Maltz[/tweet_box]

Dr Maltz says to always have something that you are looking forward to.

[tweet_box design=”default”]When you’re not goal-striving, not looking forward, you’re not really living. Dr Maxwell Maltz[/tweet_box]

coffee van


My Mobile Coffee Van


[tweet_dis]Understanding depends on good communication. Dr Maxwell Maltz[/tweet_dis]

This is something that I am becoming very aware that I need to work on in myself.

As I build my team, I have tried to relay information across to my team of things that they should be doing or of certain updates in the company, and they have not been received the way I had intended…. some people were actually pissed off at me – and all I wanted to do was to train them better & get them the latest information so they are positioned right in the comapny.

I have also been at fault in interpreting some peoples messages the complete wrong way – where they also had the best intention for me, however I received the communication as a negative one.

[tweet_box design=”default”]In dealing with people, try and see the situation from their point of view as well as your own. Dr Maxwell Maltz[/tweet_box]


You need to have the courage to act on your goal.

[tweet_dis]You must have the courage to act, for only by actions can goals, desires & beliefs be translated into realities. Dr Maxwell Maltz[/tweet_dis]

Knowing that the only way that you will get something is to just do it is a very powerful thing to know.

I know when I was completely broke, in piles of unsecured debt, almost at the stage of Bankruptcy, I make the decision to drive to the other side of Australia to get my old construction job back – knowing that it was a risky move, but I had the courage to do something to get myself out of the bad situation I had put myself in.

Dr Maltz suggests practice acting boldly and with courage on “little things”, the practice of courage in the smaller things will help you develop the power to act with courage in the more important matters.



Back working in construction


Dr Maltz talks about when you have good feeling about other people, it tends to reflect back on your own self image.

He suggests to stop and think about other poeple, treat them with respect and not only will other people treat you back with respect but you will also treat yourself with more respect.

Thinking back to when I had my mobile coffee business, as I was making the coffees I would talk to the customers and always try and smile & laugh. I appreciated them as a customer. This always made me feel better, make my day more enjoyable, and was more profitable as well.


It is so important to feel good about yourself.

One of the biggest issues in people not being able to succees is their own lack of belief in themselves & low self esteem.

Dr Maltz’s biggest suggestion for raising your self esteem is this:

Begin to appreciate other people more; show respect for any human being merely because he is a child of God & therefore a “Thing of value.”

Looking back through my success & failure in my life I can correlate it with my own self-esteem. I know when I don’t feel all that good about myself I never enjoyed my jobs or my businesses, I also had a bad energy about myself & seemed to repel people from me.

Everytime that I realise my greatness inside of me & get my own self esteem back to how it should be, my job or business is not only more profitable, but more enjoyable, my friends are closer to me & I just generally feel better about life – and its all back to my own self esteem.


Confidence is built upon an experience of success.

Dr Maltz suggests when building your own self confidence to remember your past successes & forget your failures – he useses the analogy of dragging and droppong your failures into the trash bin on your computer

I have found this to be very true with my online business.

When I first got started with my comapny I had no idea what I was doing. Many people told me that I had no place in having an online business, as a farm worker & construction worker I really shouldnt be wasting my time on pipedreams….

I thought back to the time when I wanted to make BioDiesel to run the farm truck & tractors.  I remember people laughing at me, telling me I was crazy & that they had heard of other people making it and blowing their engines up – they all thought I was crazy.  However I did all my research &  came to the conclusion that it was able tobe done. So I built my BioDiesel reactor, and made my Diesel for $0.30 a litre. After people saw that I had done it they all congratulated me & they talked about it for years.

I used that time of me making BioDiesel to prove to myself that I was capable of doing anything I set my mind to. Now I can look back & be glad I did!

[tweet_box design=”default”]It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed in the past. What matters is the successful attempt. Dr Maxwell Maltz[/tweet_box]



Making BioDiesel


Being absolutely OK with who you are is a big thing – and possibly one of the greatest assets you could have on your road to success.

Once you are OK with who you are thats when you can really understand that you can actually do great things, that you are actually better, wiser,stronger & more competent than we actually realise

Accept the fact that you have shortcomings. Its powerful to know your shortcomings so you can outsource / get other people to do what you are weak at & focus on your strengths.

This is a big thing in my online business.  I have recently realised that there are some things that I am really weak at, so instead of going about spending hours and hours trying to do something that could take someoene else 5 minutes at, I choose to focus on my strengths – now I am looking to my team & to virtual assistants to be able to do some of the things I just straight out suck at!

And I’m OK with that!


After going over these 5 ingredients of Success, Sense of Direction, Understanding, Courage, Compassion, Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Acceptance. I can look at really honing in on all of these key ingredients to take myself to the next level on my journey of success in my online business & in other areas of my life.

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