The Secret to Completing a Task

I felt like making the title of this post “The secret to getting shit done” – however I thought I’d leave that to the first line of the blog!

Its dead set easy to start anything

Sometimes its bloody hard to finish what you set out to do.

Actually, change that, most of the time it is.

Here is one tactic which I have used for a number of years, and well, truth be told – I get shit done!

I come up with different plans all the time.

Some work out, some don’t.

But as a general rule I stick it out and complete the task to see how it went.

There is one word that would sum up how to complete a task. This word on its own is powerful, but also its acronym is just as powerful:



I only just heard the acronym of FOCUS from a killer audio from this kick ass program I subscribe to (If you want a kick ass success audio course – find out about it here)

Thats so powerful. Firmly On Course Until Successful

Now its not to say you may at some stage deviate your course or have to make a detour – thats OK.

Just make a course correction when you get off your path.

One lesson that always stuck was the spaceship heading to the moon is off course 99% of the time, but it gets there by constantly correcting its course until it gets to the moon.

This got me thinking of some things I’ve accomplished:

  • 12 months working holiday in Canada
  • Move interstate to work in Mining construction
  • Build a Biodiesel reactor
  • Build a moonshine still (don’t tell anyone)
  • Start my own mobile coffee business
  • Renovate a house

Plus many more things – Each and every one of these projects had obstacles – some tremendous obstacles, however I kept focused on my end goal & completed the task.

Today is my last day of the 21 day blogging challenge.

In the 21 days there have been days that were a challenge to blog. However I kept my focus on completing the challenge and here we are.   I could have let other things get in the way and put off a blog until the next day – I even blogged on new years day!

Now my challenge is complete Its time to reset my goals and FOCUS on my next challenge.

Leave a comment on some things you have set out to do and completed.  Or maybe I have sparked something to get you to go and complete a task – let me know about that aswell