This awesome Twitter Program EVERY Internet Marketer should have!!!!!!!

So was cruising around last night posting my stuff around the place and I stumbed upon this neat little program for automating my Twitter.

I’ve always sort of steered clear of Twitter, didn’t know the right way of doing it right to generate leads, and having my following just above the 120 mark.

So I came across TweetBoss. At first I wasn’t sure about it, I did some searches and came across a couple of people using it and liking it.  So I figured I’d get it and see what its all about.

So I bought it downloaded it, and set it up thinking there would be a decent learning curve for it – I was so wrong – this is pretty bloody easy.

Honestly, just connect your account, then your logged in, to get more followers add a trending topic in the search & it searches for all people that have posted with that hash tag or add another person who has a big following & it shows all their followers.  Then set how often you want to send requests and it does it autopilot – set when to unfollow people that didn’t follow you back & this thing just keeps on getting you followers.

Automate your tweets – add a whole lot of tweets in a notepad file upload it and set it to when you want them posted.

I’m still getting it all dialed in but in a morning I recieved a whole lot of followers & I was able to spread out a whole lot of my tweets, I set up randomly retweeting some people I know who just always send out good content so it looks like I am actually there.

There is also a kicker in it aswell – there is a 50% affiliate commission paid to your Paypal account, so you can chuck in the odd tweet on your tweet list sending them your affiliate link.

There are probably a few bugs in it I havent come across yet but when I get my followers up its really going to be a lead generating machine!!!!!!!

I’ll keep you posted on it but in the mean time you gotta get it – click here and get it!