This could be a storytelling revolution……

I love a good story.

I love reading novels – I guess my favorite authors would be Matthew Reilley, Jeffery Archer & Nelson Demille. These guys just know how to tell a great story & I’m always eagerly waiting their next release.

I also like reading novellas – quick stories that let my mind wander.

As I was cruising through LinkedIn yesterday I came across a post which took me to a site called “When Readers Write”. What they have planned is set to be awesome.

I remember back as a kid I loved the choose your own adventure books.  You know, the one’s where at the end of the chapter you get two choices of what happens – go to page 68 if Fred eats the frog, or page or page 22 if he kills it, well maybe not that, but you know what I mean.

Well it looks like these guys at When Readers Write are up to something like that, but only on steroids.

Its a new style what they are calling Mosaic Fiction

Create Freedom Online

They will start it off on the 5th, getting the readers to vote on a character sketch

Then n the 12th the readers will get to vote on the story line

Then after the 16th it starts to get really interesting……….

This is from 

From the 16th forward WRW will be off and running in a writing experiment that can best be described as a relay race. Or a progressive dinner. Choose your favorite analogy. (See we’re all about service here.) Every week, one of our writers will take a turn crafting three variations of a scene for you. That’s three options from which you’ll choose your favorite. The scene with the most fans will be voted into print and be published on our ongoing Novella page.

So head over to their site and check them out.  I’ll be making sure I sure as hell will be.

Oh and by the way if you like to write & would like to get paid to do it go ahead and click here, enter your details & watch the video to find out how.