The $4.8Million Interview – Weird Entrepreneurs Interview with David Wood

This podcast gave me chills!

My mentor Justin Verrengia aka the Hippie Jedi recently launched “Weird Entrepreneurs” where he interviews eccentric entrepreneurs – it truly is an amazing series.

I just finished listening to this kick-ass podcast where Justin interviews the legendary David Wood.

Check it out – Just a note, there is some strong language in the interview, so if you’re the type to get offended by the occasional F-bomb then sorry for that.



So many powerful tips in here its hard to narrow it down, however Dave’s advice for reading everyday is something that I am working on & must make it a priority to do everyday.

You can go to Justin Verrengia’s Weird Entrepreneurs Podcast website here

I also wrote an article about Dave Sharpe’s Weird Entrepreneur Interview

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  • I love ‘weird’ entrepreneurs. They usually get the best results & offer a lot of value to the market place. Thanks for the post.

  • awesome interview alex, thanks for sharing

  • Alesha

    Funny enough I just got done listening to this podcast. Every word that comes out of David Wood’s mouth is truly magical and at times hilariously funny!

    • Alex Bender

      Both these guys are awesome!

  • The “Man” is pure GENIUS! The F-Bombs contribute to the Mystery of the Man and sad to say from this woman’s point of view, was a big part of what attracted me to him and to Empower Network! Being REAL…expressing yourself without concern of what anyone else thinks or how they react! Those a just a few things that I Love about Dave Wood and what we have here with EN!
    It is by being ourselves, truly allowing ourselves to express who we are and what we’re passionate about is when real creativity flows! The love that’s generated throughout our community is pure and what “most” of us have manifested for our futures will benefit hundreds of thousands of people…All Thanks to Dave Wood’s Vision.
    Aaron said it the other night “Dave Wood’s Vision is big enough to hold ALL of OUR Visions within it”! Now THAT’S Amazing!

    • Alex Bender

      I agree! Dave is the guy that inspired me to just be me.

  • I’ve known David for a while now. Great interview

  • I first learned about Dave Wood from a Training by Jonathan Budd, reminds I need to go back and finish a section I never got round to finishing tut tut! His words literally made me roll over laughing. he said Listen and Listen good, I am have consulted the MLM fairy and She has told me the secret to success in MLM…Well show more people….sell more stuff! And he literally laughed hilariously! The man is funny!

    Thanks for sharing the Podcast Alex!

  • Thanks for sharing that, Alex. Dave Wood’s vision is certainly an inspiration. How does one subscribe to your blog updates?
    Cheers, Ron

    • Alex Bender

      Very Easy Ron, at the end of my blog just above my ugly mug shot there is a place that says “Subscribe Here” Just add your details and you’re in buddy!