What Digital Nomads wish they knew before starting on their journey

Travelling the world & making money from your laptop…….

Many people’s ultimate dream.

For most people it had just been that… a dream.

But for others they have embraced the challenge & gone out, seen the world & make a lot of money at the same time.

They are truly free!

They are living life on their terms.

For 99.9% of the population this life is still a mystery.

For many they just don’t know where to start.

So I have asked a few fellow Digital Nomads if they could let us know their #1 thing they wish they knew when they first embarked on being a digital nomad?

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Sharon Gourlay

“The #1 thing I wish I had known was that I would succeed! I have had many challenges in growing my online business but honestly the biggest challenge was dealing with my own doubts and fears. I wish I had known that it all would work out as that would have made it so much easier to keep working hard at my business goals day after day, week after week.

I coped with this by telling myself how most people quit or don’t try at all, so the harder it is, the more likely I am to succeed as most people would quit and I wasn’t going to. It worked for me!”

Check out Sharon’s site at DigitalNomadWannabe.Com

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Hydie Warwick

“Being a location independent worker is fantastically freeing, and it’s a lifestyle that’s hard to break away from once you’ve found a way to start. However, it can also be a very lonely lifestyle if it’s not managed well – something I struggled with when I first started my job. I wish I had known from the start that there are actually quite a lot of virtual and physical communities for Digital Nomads and location independent workers to tackle this loneliness, including the Flylancer community, and hundred of Facebook groups.”

“Also, there are some really great apps out there that I use every day when I’m nomading, like the Workfrom app that identifies spaces around your location to set up your virtual office. It allows you to rate coffee shops on their wifi strength and add useful information on their power sockets and seating. I use this almost every day in a new area.”

Head to Hydie’s website at hydiewarwick.com

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Julia Jerg

“When I first started my around-the-world trip, I wish I already knew back then that I would be turning this into my permanent lifestyle. Only after a couple of years, many hours of research and networking I finally got to the conclusion that the digital nomad lifestyle is THE perfect way of living my life. If someone had told that it is possible to travel and work online easily, I would have never worked anywhere else than the www. Being location-independent and a travel junky is simply the best combination – so, if people have any doubts or fears about this lifestyle, I’d like to tell them that it is as easy as renting an apartment and living a conventional life. Once you’ve got the hang of it, everything falls into place. Before jumping on a plane though, I’d suggest to have a sharp online profile set up, and work/clients lined up. It doesn’t hurt to start to work as a freelancer while you’re still at home. With some savings and established business connections in your pocket, you’ll be able to set off!”

Visit Julia’s site at jeyjetter.com

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“When I first started off as a digital nomad, I wish someone would have told me that it’s possible to make money online doing almost anything, and that almost every system out there genuinely works.”

“I kept looking for the one perfect way to do things but it turns out, there isn’t one way, there are many ways and it’s up to us which system fits out lifetimes and our strengths.”

“When I started out, I wanted to sell physical products by not deal with inventory, I didn’t even realize dropshipping was a thing until I had spoken to twenty people. Now I know that whatever your strengths and passions are, you can make money while doing it.”

Check out JohnnyFD’s site at johnnyFD.com

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Nora Dunn

“The term “digital nomad” didn’t even exist when I embarked on my journey to become one. (I hope this doesn’t make me seem like an old granny sitting on a digital-nomad-porch yelling at the kids to get off my lawn). But if I were giving advice to my inner digital-nomad-child, it would be to treat the career like a business, while enjoying the flexibility it offers. To work hard, but not to hesitate to shut off the computer and explore more. To apply a science to modalities like marketing and reach, but not to get so bogged down with numbers that the passion is lost. To develop multiple streams of income, but not to spread yourself so thin you can’t keep up. To create systems and outsource the things you can’t or don’t want to do, but not to build something so big that it takes over your life. To enjoy and nurture relationships with people along the way, but still carve out the personal space and time you need to work and rest.”

“In short, when I started off as a digital nomad, I wished I knew that the lifestyle would be a delicate balancing act; one that requires constant adjustment. Combining a travel lifestyle with a business is equally liberating and limiting, freeing and constricting. But oh-so-rewarding when you hit that sweet spot and can enjoy earning money from any distant corner of the globe with little more than an internet connection!”

Check out Nora’s site at theprofessionalhobo.com

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Natalie Sisson

“It is really a double edged sword, so for every pro there is a con & I wrote about this quite a lot in my book ‘Suitcase Entrepreneur’.”

“So if you love the freedom of being able to choose where to go next & what you want to do with your day, it is amazing. On the flip side, if you have no idea how to plan things out and you don’t like uncertainty or having to organize anything yourself it is a con.”

“The other thing is you have complete flexibility on how your want to spend you day depending on the business you have set up and the flip side of that is you can faff around and do all sorts of things to waste your time.”

“The other thing is that you have to be used to dealing with the fact that infrastructure won’t always work you won’t always get internet you might not always be able to get access to a quiet place to do recordings or videos, things may just not work when you want, timezones can really be frustrating and the vein of your life. On the flipside they can be quite handy.”

“So I think the thing about being a digital nomad is you have to be very clear on whether you are open to change, weather you like making decisions on the go, weather you are fluid whether you enjoy being free to do what you want.”

Check out Natalies site at suitcaseentrepreneur.com

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Robert Erich

“Mastering time management is absolutely crucial.”

“Balancing work, travel, and free-time is one of the most challenging activities on earth, yet key to succeed as a digital nomad. Focus too much on fun and you don’t make any money.”

“Focus too much on work and you can travel the world without ever actually experiencing it. Learning how to manage work, fun, emails, and relationships allows you to enjoy your experience without going broke in the process.”

Check out Roberts site at moneynomad.com

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Ask any of these guys – they are not super humans, they just made a decision to live the free life!

They wanted to escape the 9-5 & they figured out how to do it.

All of these amazing people all do different things as a digital nomad, some do drop shipping, some do travel blogs, some do network marketing, some do freelance writing, what I do is help people make an online income & I make a good income from selling digital products & building teams of people.

Starting an online business has never been easier.

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