What does it takes to be successful as an Affiliate Marketer

That’s the big question, right… what actually does it take to have success as an online affiliate marketer?

Having success online is a big mystery for many many people.

Lucky enough there are lots of people out there that are happy to teach the basics of how to do it.

Desmond Soon is one of those guys that just loves to teach.

So check out what he has to say here on my team hangout from the 19th December 2016

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So these are some of the things you need to keep in mind:

Who you have to become


This is something that most people overlook, however its possibly the most crucial thing – you need to have the right mindset.

I have been told for years that you have to work on yourself more than you work on your business.

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You also need to have daily disciplines, Jeff Olsen talk alot about it in The Slight Edge “What is easy to do, is also easy NOT to do” and is a big difference between success and failure


Branding is also a crucial part of your business.  Sure initially you might get away without having branded yourself & set yourself apart from the rest of the marketplace, but you will have to find your own groove & also make sure that you brand yourself, not your company.

Who you should learn from

Finding a mentor, or a group of mentors is also something that can benefit you greatly in your business.

If you choose network marketing, then you should first look to your sponsor & upline. After all, they have a vested interest in your success.

Also you can seek out other leaders within your company, but know that they are sought after people & wont be able to help anyone, you will need to show them why they should spend time with you, especially if you are not in their line of sponsorship

What platforms or mediums to use

This is also something very important.

You won’t want to try and be everywhere at once…. use a couple of platforms to market with and master them.

If you master one platform, eg Instagram, then you will know all the ins and out of that platform, rather than half ass knowing all the different social media platforms.

What are the odds? Is it possible to actually succeed?

This is an interesting one.

If you look at some company average earning, eg the Empower Network average earnings here you can look at it in 2 ways.

1st way you can look at it is the way that will set you up for immediate failure……. if you look at it in the negative way that majority of people fail, then you are already losing the game.

OR you can look at it the way I look at it, its actually possible to succeed…. in fact the top 4% of all people involved actually can make a good income.

That statistic excites me, because i know I’m not average – When I decide to do something, I do it, so I see other people are winning, so I will win too.

If you really just want to look at odds, that’s the complete wrong way to look at it – its not a casino, its not betting, its a business.  If you treat it like a business you will be paid as if its a business.  If you treat it like gambling then you’ll end up just doing all your money.

I truly hope that you got something out of this amazing training from Desmond.

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