What Equipment do you need for your Online Home Business?

Do you truly want to know what you should have to have a successful online business.

This information in this post could literally save you thousands of $$$$$ and might get you taking action as soon as today.

These are some excuses I hear from people:

“I’ll do my video when I get the new iPhone”

“My laptop is too slow, i need a new MacBook Pro”

“I don’t have a whiteboard to do presentations”

“I don’t have a tripod to hold my camera still for my video’s”

“My webcam sucks”

“My internet is too slow”

The list goes on and on……

So I have been an Online Entrepreneur for a few years now and this is really all I think you really need:

A smartphone

A laptop with a webcam

An internet connection

Truthfully thats it.

My mentor Dave Wood started out his business with a used $150 laptop & a cheap webcam & used it until he had made over 6 figures online with that.

I started off with an old beat up laptop that was running a Linux Operating System and a terrible webcam that had to be plugged into power becasue the battery never charged, a no-name brand smartphone with a terrible camera & a Handycam flipcam.

Yes its nice having a nice new laptop.

Yes its nice having a new iPhone.

Yes it would be awesome to have a studio that you can take high quality videos in.

But old stuff works too!

Here’s a tip if you have old gear:

Use the old equipment you have now and have a goal to buy new equipment with your business earnings.

Get someone to take some photos of you using your crappy equipment & use it as an example that anyone can build their business with any kind of equipment.

If you don’t have at least a laptop, a smartphone & and internet connection – then go get something.

Now you don’t have an excuse – go build your empire!

If now you are reading this and you see that you are able to go & get an online income & want to find a good system & team to work with, then click here, enter your details &I’ll be in touch.