What Equipment do you need for your Online Home Business?

Do you truly want to know what you should have to have a successful online business.

This information in this post could literally save you thousands of $$$$$ and might get you taking action as soon as today.

These are some excuses I hear from people:

“I’ll do my video when I get the new iPhone”

“My laptop is too slow, i need a new MacBook Pro”

“I don’t have a whiteboard to do presentations”

“I don’t have a tripod to hold my camera still for my video’s”

“My webcam sucks”

“My internet is too slow”

The list goes on and on……

So I have been an Online Entrepreneur for a few years now and this is really all I think you really need:

A smartphone

A laptop with a webcam

An internet connection

Truthfully thats it.

My mentor Dave Wood started out his business with a used $150 laptop & a cheap webcam & used it until he had made over 6 figures online with that.

I started off with an old beat up laptop that was running a Linux Operating System and a terrible webcam that had to be plugged into power becasue the battery never charged, a no-name brand smartphone with a terrible camera & a Handycam flipcam.

Yes its nice having a nice new laptop.

Yes its nice having a new iPhone.

Yes it would be awesome to have a studio that you can take high quality videos in.

But old stuff works too!

Here’s a tip if you have old gear:

Use the old equipment you have now and have a goal to buy new equipment with your business earnings.

Get someone to take some photos of you using your crappy equipment & use it as an example that anyone can build their business with any kind of equipment.

If you don’t have at least a laptop, a smartphone & and internet connection – then go get something.

Now you don’t have an excuse – go build your empire!

If now you are reading this and you see that you are able to go & get an online income & want to find a good system & team to work with, then click here, enter your details &I’ll be in touch.

  • Jonna Lindawan

    We really need to choose what’s the best equipment for our online business. Thank you for sharing.

    • Alexander Bender

      no probs Jonna

  • Kenny Santos

    You are so right. Better equipment will not make you better at business. There are people that have just the bare bones of a smart phone and internet and they will out work and out hustle some of the others that have expensive and “better” equipment.

    • Alexander Bender

      Yep, I know lots of people use the excuse of their lack of results because of not the latest stuff – but it just aint so

  • It’s not about the equipment you got, but rather if you are using what you got to start your online business. You can upgrade your equipment as you go. Thanks for sharing!


    • Alexander Bender


  • Really and truly, that’s it. Thanks for writing this to put the real requirements in perspective.

    • Alexander Bender

      It truly is all you need – sure its nice to have some more stuff, but you can get by.

  • So spot on Alex. I started my Home business with an old Advent Laptop that was slow and gave up the goat in 7 months…! I was able to buy a new lappy from the 5 figures we Made in that first platform. No excuses. Lets build empires and impact lives globally!

    • Alexander Bender

      Yep. Dave Wood apparently didnt replace his $150 used laptop until he had made 6 figures