What will you sacrifice for your success?

How bad to you want to succeed?

Seriously, how bad?

Many people put it down to sheer luck.

However I know that most people know its more than sheer luck. Luck has something to do with it though, it just happens to be that the people that do what it takes to be successful get luckier than those that sit and wait for success.

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And there is a whole lot more to it than just working harder.

Success requires many sacrifices.

Sacrifices that to the average person are unreasonable to actually sacrifice.

This is what John Michael Morgan wrote on his article at “What You Have To Give Up To Be Successful”

“You have to become unreasonable.

Since when has success ever favored those who are reasonable? Living a comfortable and convenient life creates resistance to success. For example, it’s hard to take action on a new idea if that idea takes you out of your comfort zone.”

To are these some things you would be willing to sacrifice:

Are you willing to give up TV?

It actually baffles me, but I know there are so many people out there that simply won’t give up their favorite TV show.

Are you willing to give up a little sleep?

This is something that I honestly do struggle with occasionally.  However if you truly want that something extra, you might have to get up a bit early or go to bed late.  I know one of my team members Deb Shipman (check her site out at http://debshipman.com) gets up extra early every day & is diligent with her routine – probably more than I know of anyone else to be so diligent – she is determined to succeed in her home business & I know she will, she is making many unreasonable sacrifices, thats why she will have the success that I know she is striving to achieve.

Are you willing to miss social engagement?

I’m writing this article at the festive season, where there are many many Christmas parties and people putting things off to the new year because they want to be part of all the happenings.

Hey that’s fine, go to all the Christmas parties you want – but just make sure you have your priorities in order.

Are you willing to sacrifice your music in your car?

This may not make sense, but if you have a daily commute and you normally listen to music in the car, then you can swap that out for success audio’s, & business trainings or business phone calls.

Jim Rohn has always been a supporter of turning your car into your very own success university.

There are truly many things you might have to sacrifice in the short term so you can

Are you willing to give up going to sporting events & nights at the pub?

I love my footy.

I love a beer.

I really do enjoy going to the pub. having a few beers & watching the game on TV

But truthfully, doing this is not getting me closer to my goals – its not helping me on my path to success.

If might not be the pub or footy, but there might be something that you are doing that is taking time away from your dream.

Are you prepared to invest not only time but money in your dream?

Having success requires you to invest.  Invest your time, and your money in your success education.

Yes there are free trainings spread all throughout the internet & there are thousands of cheap courses people will sell.

And going through all these trainings will require you sacrifice a lot of your time, determining what is viable, and what is not.

Even when you do find the right education, that will take time to go through & in many cases if the information in quality then you will have to pull out your credit card and buy.

Would you sacrifice you immediate desires?

This is what Cosom says in his article “7 Things Successful People Sacrifice For Their Success

“There are so many distractions, temptations, and things that each of us wants right now. Things that might encourage us to procrastinate when we really shouldn’t. We might want to do something simple like to check our Facebook feed. We might want to do something more significant like buy a new car. But the question is – what is more important to our mission?
We have to make the choice between our immediate desires and the needs that will propel our dreams forward.”

Now I haven’t set out all the sacrifices you might have to make on your journey to success, if you think of a sacrifice you have had to make let me know in the comments.

Success is something that requires sacrifice, hard work, determination, tunnel vision, and a serious don’t quit attitude.  There will be days that you might feel like chucking it all in. But its so worth it.

Are you looking for a system to help you on your path to success?

There are many opportunities out there in this great world for people to become successful.

Sometimes is a good thing to partner up with a company & a team of people to create a shortcut to success.

Yes it will still involve hard work and many sacrifices, but you have lots of the work already done for you.

You might want to work with me, Alex Bender, if you want to see if we would be a good fit to work together Click here, fill out your details & i’ll be in touch to have a chat.