What You Actually Need For Internet Marketing

You know what I hate…. The people that find out I have an online business then they harass the shit out of me on social media trying to sell me their stuff.

Or even worse – find out my phone number and harass me on the phone with guaranteed ways I can rank #1 on Google, or some shit like that

The perfect term for them – Bottom Feeders.

I must admit I’ve fallen for some of their tricks in the past – BUT NO MORE.

The best principle is the KISS principle.

You want to succeed online you just need a few things:

1. A lead Capture Page

You need a place where you can get the email addresses of people that are interested in your offer.  So you need to have a web page that people can add their email address in so you can email them about your offer.

You may be associated with a company that provides you with a capture page. They are a great place to start, however thousands of other people use the exact same page so likely that people have seen that page in the past.

By using a custom capture pages you can brand yourself or set up many different custom landing pages to suit different target markets & really increase your opt-in rate.

There are many different companies that provide this service, its worth while looking around for the one that will suit your needs the best.

I choose to use LeadPages.net they offer a great service, have awesome templates, easy to set up pages & you can split test your pages.

Go to Leadpages


2. Lead / Email Manager

So now you have a page to collect your leads, now you need a place to keep them & a way to manage them & broadcast newsletters & create autoresponders.

I have been involved with a company in the past that insisted that everybody use the companies own private lead manager. Problem with this is generally you cannot customize the emails & can’t send out your own personal broadcasts, which later on I found out to be a crucial part in generating sales.

You need to break free from being told what to email to your list & when to send it.

There are some really good companies out there that all they do is manage emails, mostly they are not very expensive & have some really good options.

I choose to use GetResponse. They are pretty much a one stop shop for Email Management.  They have so many different options its really hard to list them all here, so simply head to their website and find out all about them by clicking here.

Get GetResponse


3. Link Tracking Tool

Its really important to be able to find out what works & what doesn’t.

I’ve stuffed around with different URL shorteners & all kinds of different things to try and track my links.

I honestly didn’t do much shopping around – I was shown a site called ClickMagick and as soon as I saw it I was sold on it  – It does everything I really want – it shortens long URL’s, tracks all my clicks, it can mask URL’s, you can have different subID’s, plus has awesome popups & magic bars.  You can track your sales funnels, split test capture pages, add your own domain & so much more.

I use this everyday & its bloody cheap.

Get ClickMajick


4. A Blog

A blog is your home on the Internet.

A place to add new content and to drive traffic to.

This is a must have for any Internet Marketer – or really any business that wants a presence online.

Seriously don’t run with a free site – I know plenty of people that have lost data or have had their accounts shut down by promoting something that somebody flagged.

The best way is to pay for a hosted blog.

There are plenty of different places you can get a blog.

I choose Kalatu – thats what this page is on.  Its a blog platform that is specifically designed for marketers & its actually made and run by marketers. As far as I’m concerned its the best option.

Check it out and join the 21 day Blogging Challenge – click here.



5. Something to promote

After working out all that stuff I’ve mentioned above,  you may already have something, but you need to actually have something to promote so you can make some money!

There are literally thousands of different things to promote online.  Best thing to do is to find something that you resonate with.

Be sure to get the latest info on Truth or Hype TV & Opportunity Watch. See Holly Morgan gets to the bottom of the big question about online opportunities, are they “Truth or Hype”?



So that’s all you really need to get online and make money.

Don’t fall for the people that friend you on Facebook or Skype and within minutes hit you up with their latest greatest way to do something.  Honestly I can’t think of a worse way to market.

I just got hit up the other day, a guy messaged me on Facebook and asked for me to add him as a friend – that immediately threw up red flags, but anyway I added him, next thing i know he was messaging me and so quickly jumped all over me pitching me with his great way to beat the system.

Just be bloody careful. Stop and think for a second before you make a quick emotional purchase if they are cold pitching to you.

  • I am soooo with you. I get the same stuff on FB all the time. Not sure if they want to sell me something or date me….LOL I just made a video (kinda sounds angry after I listened to it) about the SIMPLE way to make $10k a month. It starts with get all in, blog daily, get eyeballs on your stuff…. oh wait…. the things that are in your blog today..LOL great job.

    • Alex Bender

      Ha Ha yeah its all kinds of people that pitch you straight up – and yesterday i hit my limit and was compelled to blog about it.
      One day I might blog about the girls that hit me up on skype to watch their private views for free, after I add my credit card….. oh so tempting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great post, thank u for posting this

    • Alex Bender

      Hope you got something out of it Kevin

  • Alex, you’ve nailed it again. I have to look into clickmagic. Using the other tools and resources and they are fantastic, as you say. Good info.

    • Alex Bender

      Yes ClickMagick is awesome – especially for the price…. and also the affiliate commissions…..lol

  • Alesha

    Great value as always Alex, this is a great selection of tools to get yourself set up for success online!

    • Alex Bender

      Thanks Alesha – I’m pretty sure you know all these steps being the guru that you are… I appreciate you taking the time out to visit my blog & leave a comment.

  • Robert McCann

    Great resources Alex. I checked out Clickmagick after reading your post and was blown away. Thanks for this, as always you are a HUGE help to my business. Cheers Mate.

    • Alex Bender

      Glad I was able to be of assistance Rob. Yes mate ClickMagick really is an amazing product and their support is second to none

  • I wonder how this strategy is working long therm for them…it’s amazing to see so many marketers out there without education and ethics. Great post there Alex! Thanks

    • Alex Bender

      The thing that bothers me is really some of their bullshit tactics. I remember a few years back when I was with a top tier company and had just started out I got a phone call out of the blue & they were so convincing it was scary. All it cost me was an hour of my time, I didn’t spend any money – I have learned to stop take a step back and think about spending a few thousand dollarinos before handing over my credit card details.
      These guys make some big $$$$ I have had friends that have been scammed in the past up to $10k!!!!!

  • Dude, those are some great resources! I use Leadpages and Gerresponse too!

    • Alex Bender

      Yep GetResponse is awesome – I’m still learning all its awesome functions. Sometimes get frustrated about the drag and drop playing up, but all of the resources are just awesome!

  • Hooo some one got Alex’s goat …! Honestly its wrong and you know the best way, is to Turn it round on them and ask them: How long they have been doing this and Out of curiosity what methods do hey use to market their awesome program in the past, and for how long have they been in NM? If you like share a tip on best practice. engage with them! Then tell them you are Fully committed to your program and If at some point in future you feel a need to JV or add to your portfolio you will send word to them. Wish them luck and guess what you will make a few new friends who are looking for a better way…! The idea is to share a better way to do things with them…Imagine if nobody ever taught you how to market the better way…! Imagine how much brevity it took them to approach you! Is a tough world!

  • Thank you for the link tracking tool, I didn’t know that one yet!