Whats Your Goal?

Having success in the online marketing / home business world is all about traffic. ie. Getting as many people to your blog post / capture page / sales video as possible.
Well, yes its true, there is a whole lot more to it than just traffic, which we’ll be going through in future posts in this Traffic Explosion Series, but really if you are not getting eyeballs on your stuff then really how the hell do you expect to make sales.
Now Before you go out spending all kinds of money on different ways to get people to look at whatever it is that you are offering, you need to work out a few basics first.
So here are a few things you should do work out before you start your campaign to get on on the best path to success.

What is your offer:

This may sound like something stupid & basic, but you would be surprised how many people just sign up to a deal because they can make money from it & never really learn what their actual products are.
So its very important that you get to know your products & if possible use them all so that you can have a first hand experience of your product.

Who is your offer for?

It is very important to understand that you need to work out your target market.
Most people will not be interested in your product, so don’t go wasting your time money & effort into trying to sell to these people.
Find out where your target market hangs out, what they like, what struggles they are having & how you can solve their problems. Get to really know your target market.
Great example is the one I use in the video above about selling organic chicken. Don’t go trying to sell organic chicken to a vegan.
[tweet_dis]Don’t go trying to sell organic chicken to a vegan.[/tweet_dis]

What is the sales process?

Its always a good idea to know the sales process you have that you want to set up.
For example, you may write a blog post capturing somebody’s attention that links to a capture page, then when your prospect enters their details they are directed to a company sales video where there is a call to action to buy,  from there they are upsold on other products.
There are many ways you can set up your sales process.
Be sure to test your entire sales funnel and all the processes so that everything is working correctly.

Its time to work out the numbers.

The video above gives a basic example of how to work out your numbers.
Use this spreadsheet to work out some numbers for your product.
So this is the basic process:
From traffic to opt-in to sale… what is your goal?
Take some time to look at your numbers and set goals for yourself….
• How much traffic do you want to drive?
• How many of those prospects will opt-in?
• How many opt-ins will decide to buy?
• How many will upgrade to your next offer?
These are a few of the very important numbers to track as you run each media campaign and review your results. Remember that traffic, like everything in business, requires testing and tracking.
If you want a good tool for tracking, Clickmagick offers a great service for you to really get great statistics on all of your links.

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After all of this you either don’t have an offer or a product to sell, or you run the numbers and work out that your offer really isn’t that flash hot after all, and you want to find a high converting offer, with great low entry, great commissions, brilliant long term compensation plan & incredible upsells, you can align yourself with our team by clicking here, adding your details, watching the video & signing up today.