Who Else Wants FREE Stock Images?

I’ve said it in many blogs before – I just love free shit!

HD quality pics can be damn expensive!

One thing about blogging is its cool to have images in your blog – and apparently its a no no to take them for free (but hell, we all do it anyway…..)

I’m putting together a directory of awesome free stock image websites. Be sure to Bookmark (Ctrl-D) this page – It will get updated all the time!

Also please add more sites to the comments & I will check them out and add them to the page.

Some of these sites will email you the new pics – how cool is that!

These are 100% FREE websites, no catch, just beautiful photo’s. Go check them out!



Go to Stockpic.com


Free Nature Stock



















To be honest I didn’t find these myself – I found them on other people’s blogs So I must give them credit

Amber Hurdle has a great blog on free stock photo’s

Christopher Gimmer has a great blog on free sock images too

Now you may be wondering why would I be so intrigued in free images – well its for this kick ass blog – and I make money from this blog, so I want to make it is pretty as can be 🙂 Now you can make money from blogging too – just click here and add your details.

  • Julie Syl Kalungi

    Ohh Alex you do crack me up my dear, Lol @Lovefreeshit …Yet with all that Aussie sunny nature you have gone and dropped another golden brick! Thank You. It is indeed a bit of a rick using other people’s images. One other tip I can share is Take your own Photos, Use PPT to add whatever text you want and no one can ever claim rights to your mugshot, our back garden or whatever image you took with your trusty Nikon or Iphone 🙂 and I have bookmarked. Keep that smile Man!

    • Alex Bender

      glad you like my golden brick!

  • David

    I needed this list! Thanks!

  • Cate Saxton

    I’ve been screaming out to the Universe that I needed this info!
    We actually are getting sued as a web person used pics owned by some Site and they crawled the Internet and tracked them…This was a Website made years ago for Carol’s DNA company…now they want $600 and who knows how many other pics are owned by these photo mongers…so I’ve been afraid to use any pics I see out there…
    Thanks for this info as it’s like “Gold” to me!
    Namaste My Friend…

    • Alex Bender

      wowsers, maybe i should be more careful of what images i use. thanks for the heads up!

  • Alesha

    Great post Alex, now I have an even bigger assortment of free photo sites to go to. Thanks for sharing!

    • Alex Bender

      Feel free to add some more to the list Alesha

  • This is huge Alex. Thanks for the sources!

  • Awesome! Thanks so much Alex for the great resource! It is hard to find great images and you don’t want to get into a copyright issue! I was not aware of most of these. I have bookmarked as you suggested.

  • Crikey you have done your homework! I have bookmarked too Alex. Thanks for sharing with us. I will check out these free image sites. Cheers, Ron

  • Powerful stuff Alex. Lord knows I need this, now that I’ve made a habit of blogging and syndicating daily its good to have plenty of sources for quality images.

    • Alex Bender

      Mate great to see your taking massive action – its where the money is!