Why Forrest Gump Would Have Been A Brilliant Network Marketer

It’s no secret that most people fail when they try a network marketing business.

In all honesty people look at the concept, think its easy & when they don’t make money in the first couple of months they quit and jump over to the next latest greatest, shiny, new comp plan, products that will change the world, kind of deal.  Then they doný make any money there for a couple of months and jump to the next deal.

Or there are the people that get in and try and reinvent the wheel, doing nothing their upline says to do, and wonder why they don’t make much money.

Forrest Gump would have been the ultimate Network Marketer. He would have done exactly what his sponsor told him & done it over and over, would never tried to invent new ways of doing anything, he would have just followed the system.

Its real simple, your sponsor tells you to do something because it will work & he has a vested interest in your success.

If you ask your sponsor what to do next, and he/she tells you and you don’t do it, then don’t blame your sponsor, don’t blame the company that you’re with.  If its a legal network marketing company and if you do what your uplilne or training says to do then chances are that you will have success.  Don’t give up because you haven’t had success – if others are then you can too.

So when you are stuck with what to do in your network marketing / mlm / direct sales business just ask yourself “What would Forrest do?” – and no, I don’t mean go running across the country….. LOL

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