Why Strippers Would be Amazing Network Marketers

I’ve been told from my mentors that I should enjoy being sold to and enjoy the experience of being sold to…… frequently.

Well I might have the best place for a hot blooded male to experience an entire sales funnel, and enjoy the entire experience & be OK with leaving the night with an empty wallet.

That place would be a strip club!


Now a disclaimer – You may need to check with your accountant if this is a tax deductible business expense!

So lets break down the sales funnel here.

5880900-3-4First up you have a low cost entry point (The cover charge) that gets you into the door to see the show.

So at this point they are delivering on the goods as soon as you are in the door.

If you are here just to see a topless chick & enjoy the show for the cover charge price then you are more than welcome to stay, however you will more than likely to be upsold straight away.

Many times there will be some kind of topless table service where you will be offered drinks, this will be your first upsell.

If you want some extra attention of the dancers you may need to start pulling out some money to make your experience a bit more enjoyable.

At this point you’re still at the start of the sales funnel.

Once you look like you are settled in you may be approached by one of the lovely ladies, she may start up a conversation with you and offer you a lap dance.  here I would recommend taking notes on her sales techniques, see what methods she uses to close the sale.

Remember at this point you are still in the sales funnel with more upselling, so relax and enjoy the experience.

Now more than likely they will have a private room where you can have your very own private show / lap dance, maybe start upselling you on more expensive alcohol as well, possibly even offering a VIP treatment.

silver-city-gentlemens-club-dallasNow also depending on the particular club there may be more services available you may be upsold on so if you came to experience the full sales funnel you may want to go all the way through their product range.

Now you may be wondering why would strippers be great network marketers…..


They are used to putting themselves out there…..

They have picked up some great selling skills

They are used to earning on tips, not just on a dollar per hour trade.

They are fine with working unusual hours.

They are ok with having an occupation that society as a whole really doesn’t really accept.

And truthfully, these girls have a limited career life…. lets just be honest about it….

So heading to a strip club you could be not only experiencing a very powerful sales funnel, but also you might be prospecting at the same time…..

You might also want to experience different strip clubs to compare their different sales funnels.

Let me know in the comments your experience of a strip club sales funnel, and if you decided to compare different sales funnels, put your comparisons in the comments.