Why The Weird People Seem to be the Successful Ones

You know there is something about weird people and success.


I chat a lot to people in my business and sometimes I hear people say things like “I’m not getting any success online because I’m not weird like …….”

I’m hearing more and more that there seems to be this belief out there that you have to be some kind of weirdo and do weird stuff to be a success in an online business.

And this is kind of a complete 180 degree turn around to 10 years ago in the home business world where it was believed that everyone had to wear a suit and a tie and all “Professional” to be successful in home business.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…….

Everyone’s different – in a way we are all weird!

The truth is that anyone that wants to do an online business & have the laptop lifestyle is truly weird anyway – so dont worry my weird friend – you’re in good company!

It just so happens to be that the one’s that are successful tend to show the world their weirdness.

One of my mentors, Justin Verrengia actually does a podcast called Weird Entrepreneurs – and you know he can just keep on interviewing just about every successful person alive – because everyone of them is weird in some form or another.

The beauty of Online Home Business is you get to just be yourself & you will attract people to you.

The real difference between the successful people and the non successful people is the successful one’s are willing to open themselves up to the world and show everyone who they are… “Warts & All!”

Here’s another secret that I have learned……..

Everyone is too busy worrying about what people think of themselves to really care about what you are doing.

Sure there will be the odd person that will have a laugh at you – but thats life, there are always naysayers, but I bet you will have more people secretly admiring you for putting yourself out there.

If you don’t put yourself out there as someone different from the rest of the crowd – someone that makes people turn their head and wonder who you are, then nobody is going to know you.

Do you want more quality leads?

Do you want people to engage in your posts?

Do you want people to say “I like that guy/gal! I think I want to find out what he/she does!”

Then just be you!  Be the best you that you can be!

Embrace your weird side!

Show it off to the world!

Shoot video’s with you just being you.

Share stuff on Facebook that you love!

Be you – And have a purpose with everything you do!

You don’t have to be fake about anything – you want to come across as honest and true as possible – someone people will like and trust.

You will attract the right kind of people to your business – you will attract other weird people!

Take me for example – I’m an Aussie country boy, grew up in the mountains in a tiny tiny town, worked construction jobs, wears an American cowboy hat and helps people make money on the Internet – Yep  I’M WEIRD!!!!!

And I want to connect with other weird people out there that like the stuff that I do!

You see I’ve aligned myself with a group of people that are down right Weird!

Weird because our entire mission is to FREE & EMPOWER people!

If you are weird too I’d love to show you how you can join our Freedom Movement.

Click Here, Add your details and find out how you can become a Freedom Crusader.

  • Freaking awesome post Alex! I just did a Scope/blog post on Branding oneself in business and spoke exactly about this 🙂
    I do agree.. you have to be a little weird to be an entrepreneur! I certainly am a little weird hehe


    I love being weird, I don’t care what anyone thinks unless its in line with my vision, love hanging out with others with Vision and if they too are weird like me Bring em on…
    I normally Scope in the middle of the day when most f my followers are still asleep or just about…Ha that hasnt stopped me scoping coz I am weird lol! And guess what happens, My loyal followers always pick up my scopes.

    Wanna watch me Whip and nae Nae…Aaaahhh not today! Lets keep being Weird and successful!

  • Awesome stuff here Alex! I’m certainly weird in the sense I tend to go against the grain or the path least traveled. If someone says you can’t do that, I say “oh yeah? Watch this..” haha. Enjoyed your blog 🙂

  • Lexie

    Good post Alex !! From my crazy and weird house to yours !!

  • Agree with you 100%. Weird people are awesome and will always flourish.

  • Yip, I am weird too Alex. Probably why we were attracted to each other in the network marketing world! And I wouldnt have it any other way.
    Definitely putting my “weird” real self out there now.
    Great post and video – country boy!!!
    Cheers, Sharon

  • Weird is the new normal 🙂

  • What you say — we’re all weird — we’re all different is so true. Yet so many of us try to cover up that weirdness — that difference — and conform to be like other people. It has been said that conformity is the biggest enemy of freedom. I see weirdness as the proponent of freedom. Interesting post, my friend. My weirdness — I really don’t know. Because I’m gay? Because I live in the boonies? Because I am not impressed with fashion? Whatever!!

  • Awesome post… I think sometimes people confuse the word WIERD with INDIVIDUAL or DIFFERENT… The great thing about online business is that the more TRUE you are to yourself, the better you will do. People want to see real people, real stories. BE AUTHENTIC, BE YOU, BE INDIVIDUAL…. and be rewarded foe being who you are.

  • Good post, thanks Alex. It is all relative. We are all ugly ducklings in some situations. Every group has its own values and accepted behaviours. If you find group of people who think the same as you then you don’t feel weird.