Why You Should Build Your Internet Real Estate Portfolio

You might be wondering what the hell an Internet Real Estate Portfolio is……

I know its something that baffled me for ages.

So I look at the internet for home business as this big giant unlimited sized Monopoly board where you need to go and get as much real estate as you can.

You see, if you’re doing any kind of online business, affiliate marketing, Network marketing or whatever – you want people to find your stuff and buy your stuff or join your team or a combination of both.  And its not a big chance of people finding your stuff if you don’t put lots of content out there.

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Now a great way to start is to have yourself a blog.


Basically your blog is your “Home on the Internet” A place for you to publish a whole lot of content for the whole world to see!

Now getting them to see it is a whole other topic in itself, but just know that the more content you write the better you will get at doing all of the stuff you need to do.

I can go on forever about the importance of a blog, but just also make sure you choose the right platform to have your blog – if you want to make money from your blog, its a good idea to steer away from the free one’s – that’s for people that don’t really want to directly make money from it.  The platform I use & what I suggest online entrepreneurs use is Kalatu – its WordPress based, but made easy – pre done themes, safe and secure hosting – its just a real great solid platform.

Another really powerful place to increase your Internet Real Estate Portfolio is YouTube.


YouTube is HUGE!!! its actually the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, and its owned by the biggest – Google – so when you put your video’s on YouTube, then they can also get ranked on Google.

Now I’m again not going into the fine details of YouTube channels or specific details on YouTube, just know that its a very powerful platform & you really should have video’s on there.

Video is more and more becoming the big thing in online home business & if you’re not doing video of some sort or another, well, you’re really doing yourself an injustice.

You can embed your YouTube video onto your blog & also link your video description to your blog and Google really really likes that and will most likely boost your search engine ranking for doing so.

Use Social Media.

social media

More places to build your Internet Real Estate Portfolio is by sharing your blog posts & video’s on different social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon – and the beauty of these platforms is when people share it – they are actually building your Internet Real Estate Portfolio for you…. for FREE!!!!

So I know I haven’t gone into much detail here, but I hope this will give you a bit more of an insight to the importance of putting more content out there on the internet & building your Internet Real Estate Portfolio.

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